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Everyone learns a little different when it comes to developing the skills involved to play the game of golf. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player the student must leave the lesson tee understanding exactly what he or she needs to do for rapid improvement.


When teaching and coaching the golf swing there are three things Bob Collins tries to accomplish with the student:


1. The student must SEE what a good golf swing looks like.


2. The student must know exactly how the correct moves should FEEL in the swing.


3.  It is very important that the student UNDERSTAND the basic concept of the golf swing.


Besides talking about these three things Bob uses anything possible to make sure the student understands. Very seldom will you see Bob on the lesson tee without his teaching bag which is loaded with over 40 golf training aids. These training aids help the student feel the proper swing move. Bob also has a binder on the lesson tee which is full of great PGA and LPGA tour players from today and in the past.  Chances are he will have a full swing sequence of your favorite player or a player you may want to emulate. These photos help many students get a great mental image of a good swing. Bob will also use a swing mirror on the tee so that you can see yourself in the correct position. With many students the use of a high speed video camera is used to analyze the student’s swing in slow motion or freeze mode. The TrackMan Shot Analyzer is used for all indoor lessons.


Bob will almost always give the student a swing drill that can be practiced at home or in the office. Your game will improve rapidly once you SEE it, FEEL it and UNDERSTAND it.

Learning the game of golf or working on your golf swing should be fun. Improving your performance will add to the excitement.


Individual Private Lessons with Bob Collins, 55 minutes

$60 Adult

$55 Junior

 *Additional $20 for Indoor Lesson using the TrackMan Simulator


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