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Group Golf Lessons are a great setting to learn the game with friends, family and associates.  The ideal class size is from 2 to 6 people, however more can be accommodated.  A Group Golf Lesson can be one single session or a series covering all areas of the game such as putting, chipping and pitching, sand play, full swing with irons / hybrids and full swing with driver and fairway woods.  Even though this is a group setting all participants will receive some individual hands on instruction.  You can organize your own group, beginners and advanced players can participate together.  Golf clubs are provided if you do not have your own. Group Lessons can be scheduled by contacting Bob Collins at 724-734-9533.

Group Golf Lessons

      2          3          4         5        6+   number of people

  $38      $28      $23     $20     $18  price per person

 (minimum one hour of instruction)




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