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BOB COLLINS GOLF Instruction & Player Development has partnered with area golf facility owners and operators and together they are working on growing new golfers to play at their courses and practice at the ranges. The best way to do this is through golf instruction and player development which is all part of the new initiative that the PGA of America is spearheading, "Golf 2.0".  This new plan supported by all the golf organizations will target the 61 million lapsed golfers, the 20 million adults that want to get started into the game and the 27 million kids that could learn the game. The goal is to grow the current 26 million golfers to 40 million by the year 2020.  This will be done by marketing to these potential golfers through "Play Golf America" programs such as "Get Golf Ready in 5 Days", "Women's Golf", "Family Golf" and "Junior Golf" and “PGA Junior League Golf”.  Bob Collins will be working with area golf facilities developing these golf instructional and grow the game programs.  For more information contact Bob Collins at 724-734-9533.


Listed below are golf facilities that

Bob Collins Golf has partnered with:



Pine Lake Golf Club, Hubbard, OH

Yankee Run Golf Course, Brookfield, OH

Deer Creek Driving Range, Hubbard, OH

Thiel College Dome, Greenville, PA

Buhl Farm Golf Course, Hermitage, PA

Tam O" Shanter, Hermtiage, PA

Castle Hills Golf Course, New Castle, PA

Parto’s Golf Learning Center, Youngstown, OH

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